About Us

About Us

A Short History of Biscuit Couture

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Naseeb who, at the age of 4, and with a little help from her father, started sewing clothes for her dolls.

Fast forward 10 years, a teenage Naseeb became totally absorbed in her music, art and textiles. She took an accelerated GCSE in Music just so she could study Textiles and Art & Design while still having space in her schedule for “academic” subjects! She worked hard and excelled.

She went on to study Music Production as an undergraduate. After finishing her MA in Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths, she finally caved in to her long-standing passion for sewing and creating!

In 2014 she foundered Biscuit Couture – and she wasn’t entirely sure it would stick! But 5 years on, here we are. The business is still alive, and still growing!

The way we operate is still simple and straight forward. All designs are Naseeb’s own work, and all products are handmade to order by her too! She keeps a close relationship with her wonderful client base and is always eager to satisfy their needs.

We are committed to providing a personal shopping experience to all of our customers near and far, so when you contact us, you will be directly in touch with Naseeb and she will assist you and advice you personally, just as she did from day one!


Here are some of the reasons our customers keep coming back for more!

Most of our products are handmade to order with care and precision! This means less wasted materials, which is good for our little blue and green planet!

We’re always happy to take on bespoke orders. So if there’s something you can’t find in our store or elsewhere, Naseeb will design and create it just for you!

We offer a friendly and secure service to all of our customers! All items that require customs labelling will be marked as “clothing” and can be sent discreetly.

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