As Biscuit Couture turns 3, I thought I’d take a look back at some of the highlights from the past 12 months…


I met with a fellow seamstress, Yana, who found me on Gumtree and taught her how to make panties and French knickers over the course of 5 weeks.

Yana learning to sew satin French knickers


With Valentines approaching I launched my sexy new red lace ‘Love Her Madly‘ panties and prepared for the Open Market’s Valentine’s Fair.

Red Lace Love Her Madly Panties, handmade by Biscuit Couture in Brighton, UK.


In June I put out a new collection including alternative colour ways of my popular unicorn panties as well as some very cute cotton mermaid panties in purple and pink.

Pink Cotton Mermaid Panties. Handmade by Biscuit Couture. Also available in Purple. Made in Brighton, UK.


After weeks of preparation, I set up shop at Brighton’s famous the Amex Stadium for the Stylish Christmas Fair!

Brighton Amex Stadium


A chunk of March was spent making ties, cravats and pocket squares and altering a wedding dress for a wedding!

Cadbury's purple satin wedding cravats, handmade by Biscuit Couture


A busy month creating plenty more panties! I also did Kemptown Community Market, and shared a table at Brighton Twisted Market with Kinky Hackers.

On route to Brighton Twisted Market with Kinky Hackers


A busy month altering a heavily beaded and sequinned wedding gown for a local bride on top of my usual Christmas prep! It was so satisfying!

Altering a heavily sequinned wedding dress for a local bride.


In April I was contacted by a lovely customer who requested satin panties with a satin gusset. He was really pleased with my work and I’ve since had more orders from other customers requesting the same style!


The month of pink started off with me making my brother-in-law’s wedding cravat in a gorgeous vibrant silk and ended with me launching my new ‘Tickle Me Pink’ satin panties which have been selling well since!

Silky Satin Tickle Me Pink Handmade Bespoke Panties by Biscuit Couture.


With a big helping hand from my web developer, I launched a new website selling panty subscription packages! Check out for details!

Biscuit Couture launched its panty subscription website in January 2017


Velvet Rebel and I collaborated on an orange satin lingerie set. Since then, my Tangerine Dream satin panties have been a top seller!

Tangerine Dream orange satin panties handmade by Biscuit Couture


September saw a rise in sales of my bespoke half-back satin panties. I redesigned the fit a little and I’m going to have these up for Christmas 2017!
Satin half back panties by Biscuit Couture