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In April, I was contacted by a local bride-to-be regarding her wedding dress. She'd ordered a stunning dress online, but without any way of trying it on before it arrived, she ordered too big! Instead of scrapping her plans to wear the dress completely, she asked me to take it in from the bust to give it a snugger fit. I didn't want to start cutting into the dress and losing the heavy embellishment, so I decided to insert a very sneaky hidden corset on the inside, attaching a couple of eyeleted panels to the lining of the wedding dress. I had a pleasure of having Seeb alter my wedding gown, and I could not have been happier with the service. Seeb is professional, patient, very skilled and very artistic. I needed an inbuilt corset for my wedding gown as the dress was so heavy and the top could not hold it up. I visited Seeb and from the start, she knew exactly what needs to be done with the dress and was amazingly professional and I felt at ease. I would highly recommend Seeb’s services after the pleasant experience I had. My corset was perfect, it looked classy and was exactly what I needed. The service was fast, fairly priced and very pleasant. I shared some pictures to show the results. Perfect service, professional and very artistic. I would highly recommend Seeb to anyone.
How I transformed Selma’s wedding dress…


Way back in March, my older cousin came to me with a bespoke order for his big day. He was after a wedding cravat to complement his bride's wedding reception outfit. I received a phone call, asking whether or not I'd be able to do anything for him, as his search on the high street and online had been unsuccessful. As with most new challenges, I said I’d give it a go, and about 4 days before the wedding, we went to find some fabric. We got lucky enough to find this gorgeous raw silk effect satin at Jill’s Sewing Room (formerly The Cloth Store - a fabric shop I've been going to since my early projects as a teen) in just the right colour to complement his new wife’s outfit. I turned up at his house again, 4 hours later, with the completed wedding cravat, and here's what he has to say... This is long overdue, but I would like to thank Biscuit Couture for the amazing handmade coral cravat and matching pocket square made for my wedding reception. I had been looking for a particular style and colour for my big day and was unable to find it. But the quality of work and fabric choice by this talented young seamstress surpassed anything I had seen in stores and my expectations. Well done, keep up the good work, and thanks again. Photos courtesy of Satnam Photography.
About 10 days before the wedding..


A few weeks ago I received an email from a new client requesting a custom made pair of black satin panties for men with a black satin gusset rather than a cotton jersey one. It's not something I have ever made before. I'm no stranger to making panties for men, but I have never made panties with a satin gusset. I'm always happy to tweak my existing line to fit my customer's specifications! The panties looked gorgeous and glamorous once completed, and I received a wonderful email complimenting my work when the customer received their bespoke order in the post! It's always lovely to hear when my work makes a difference for my clients! It's important to me to be able to fulfil my customer's needs, wants and expectations when it comes to bespoke lingerie. I received an order from Japan for satin-lined satin panties, again for men, and then received a repeat order in a different colour-way. When I set out to start making luxury lingerie I never anticipated the demand I would have from men and women alike, and I'm eternally thankful for the kind words I receive from happy customers! Here's what my client had to say about his black satin panties for men with a black satin gusset! Details below on how to order your own bespoke satin panties for men or women! Just to let you know the order has arrived... I have to say, absolutely outstanding! The quality and attention to detail is fabulous. The satin gusset is perfect. You have a talent for making beautiful things! Your skill and talent is of the highest standard. 11 out of 10! I appreciate what it is like to wear lovingly made high-quality lingerie. Something very special indeed!
The “11 out of 10” Panties for Men


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